From SCRs to circuit boards to MFDC inverters, we stock a wide selection of new and used parts for a wide variety of weld controls.

Mapletron can provide spare and replacement parts for all Medar and WTC products, both current models and legacy products. We stock a large number of common parts plus we can order any parts that are still available. We also can locate reconditioned parts for most WTC and Medar products both for current products and legacy products where new parts are no longer available.

We also sell weld current meters (weld checkers), force gauges, communication interface devices and other products related to the resistance welding process.

Typical Parts Available for Resistance Welding Controllers:

  • Processor Card or Timer Assembly
  • Firing Card
  • Power Supply 
  • SCR
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Inverter
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Isolation Contactor
  • Data Entry Panel

Partial List of Common Parts by Part Number:

  • 900-492X-X 700 Processor
  • 900-494X-X 700 Firing Card
  • 900-5143-C 400 Processor
  • 900-5157-F 400 Firing Card
  • 900-514C-C 500 Processor
  • 900-5153-F 500 Firing Card
  • 900-5195-B 500 I/O Card
  • 900-530F-D 530 I/O Card
  • 900-6723-5 200 Processor
  • 900-6863-X 200 I/O Card
  • 917-0050 3005 Processor
  • 900-6454-X AC Firing Card
  • 900-8613-2 Cascade Card
  • 900-822X-X 2200/4000 Proc.
  • 900-821X-X 2200/4000 I/O Cd. 
  • 306-XXXX Isolation Contactors
  • 307-XXXX Circuit Breakers
  • 304-0081 1200A SCR 
  • 304-0068 1200A SCR
  • 304-0071 2500A SCR 
  • 902-0046 Tripack SCR
  • 902-0042 Single SCR 
  • WI05-Txxx Gen4 Processor Module
  • WI05-IxxxA Gen4 Inverter
  • 304-04xx / 06xx  Gen5 Inverter
  • 917-01xx / 917-02xx – 6000 Processor Module
  • 902-1xxx Gen6/Gen6A Inverter

This is only a very small number of the over 1000 items on our list of standard parts we can provide. Call or Contact Us for whatever parts you need as we can usually locate parts for all Medar and WTC products, and also many non-WTC resistance welding products.

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