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Control Refurbishing

When an old controller has finished its useful life or is beginning to become a burden to maintain, but the machine it is on still needs to run for the forseeable future, a great cost effective alternative to replacing with a new controller is to refurbish the old unit, or replace it with a refurbished control.

5000 MFDC Refurb 


At Mapletron, we specialize in refurbishing old units and sales of refurbished controllers tailored to your machine's requirements.

If your existing cabinet permits, you can send it to us and we can remove the old electronics and replace it with current technology. We can often reuse power components such as the SCR and circuit breaker that still are in good condition, making the cost much less than a new control. The result is an up-to-date control with current features, readily available parts, and in the same cabinet as before.

We also sell refurbished controllers which are typically older controls that we have updated with current technology and can build to suit your needs. These are again much less expensive than new but unlike refurbishing the old control, your machine can stay up and running until you are ready to swap in the refurbished control.

And if you just want a brand-new control, Mapletron can also quote you on a new WTC control with the latest technology from their current diverse product base. Call us or Contact Us for more information or a free quotation.